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I think I'm the first non-Emily person to post here...

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Okay, I can't come to the BHS writing group meetings because I'm in rehearsals for the One Act Play right now at Morse. Not my choice of school.

Anyway, Emily told me to join, so I did, and maybe at some point I will post writing here. Right now, I'll just do a basic introduction.

I'm Chelsea, I'm a junior at morse, I like writing, especially plays and monologues, but I do short stories as well, and punctuation is clearly not my strong suit. Spelling, however, I am rather anal about.

I hope people join this group, and as soon as I can find someone who can write and drive, I will attempt to come to some meetings.

good luck.

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On February 12th, 2006 04:17 pm (UTC), crimson_quail commented:
Hey Chelsea! It is Dolly's friend Jacob. I am in the writing group too. How are you?
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