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Hey this is Bonnie. It makes me sad that no one has written anything in this, so I'm going to post an essay I wrote for Ms. Russell's class on here. Don't worry about editing it, because it's due tomorrow morning.

Disclaimer: I am not much of a writer, and this assignment is mildly psycho, so be forgiving in your opinions of it.
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Okay, I can't come to the BHS writing group meetings because I'm in rehearsals for the One Act Play right now at Morse. Not my choice of school.

Anyway, Emily told me to join, so I did, and maybe at some point I will post writing here. Right now, I'll just do a basic introduction.

I'm Chelsea, I'm a junior at morse, I like writing, especially plays and monologues, but I do short stories as well, and punctuation is clearly not my strong suit. Spelling, however, I am rather anal about.

I hope people join this group, and as soon as I can find someone who can write and drive, I will attempt to come to some meetings.

good luck.

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Hey writers. You can join the community by clicking the join link at the top of the profile. I am so excited. We have really been trying to market the SWC as a resource to the student body. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Mr. O'Donnell told me that we should start assigning little projects so that everyone feels they have something to share. For our next meeting: everyone please write a paragraph describing a modern piece of machinery, or bring in something that you are working on.

see you soon,

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Hey Writers....just started this page.....so post....we can edit your things here if you don't have time to go to the meeting....ciao
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